Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sarah in San Francisco

Look, a post about a bride.  What a surprise.  This is Sarah.  She was married so long ago, but I am finally posting about her.  I want to say she was married last summer.  Yes, I think that is right.  Talk about the sweetest person to work with..... yes, I say that a lot.  I mean it each time. 

Sarah worked (past tense, because I don't know what she is up to as of late), in Washington DC.  I can't get over the success of these brides.  It makes me question what I am doing with my life.  Anyway, that is beside the point.  Some dresses give me a hard time, some don't.  This was a pleasant dress with lots of pleating.  These pleats didn't keep me up at night, like some tend to do.  So it was lots of fun. 

I am hoping the best for these two.  I also wish the best for Sarah's mom and dad.  They really made a great impression on me.  It is cute to see a bride interact with her parents... especially if dad is along for the ride.  It is a sweet thing to see. 

Do you love the photography?  I sure do.  Oh, and I just peaked at her blog.  Beautiful!  This is Marielle Hayes.  She is a San Francisco photographer.  Check her out at  I get so excited when a photographer captures the details of the dress.  I know it doesn't matter.... except to the dress maker.  I think they took a day of fun and photos in the city.  I wish it was something they did back in the day, when I got married.  No, that was so very long ago and we didn't do smart things like that.  Something about not seeing the bride in her wedding dress until the wedding day.  Hum, I wonder if I would have cared? Nope, it would have been a chance to wear the dress another time.   

Make sure you see the last few shots.  They are my favorite.


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JKA said...

Melissa! That is my cousin is Michael is my cousin! Love that dress. Awesome work!