Friday, March 5, 2010

The Party

As most of you know, we have been pouring our life and soul into a home remodel.  It started with putting big windows into our rental house basement.  It ended with replacing everything, leveling floors, extensive re-wiring of most of the home, all new plumbing as far as we could, and on and on and on.  We finally had a party celebrating the ending of this process.  I would say completion, but I am beginning to understand there is no closure to this project.  These photos are not the best, but they do contain so many people that mean so much to us.  We wish all of our family and friends could have come.  We are grateful for those many people who did show up for a bit of a visit. 

I didn't include names because I don't know how the people featured would feel about that.  FYI.

I don't know what type of with drawls I will go through, not being able to go to the house to work every day.  Thankfully, I have some incredible dresses lined up that I can't wait to start.  Wheww!

Thank you everyone.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sarah's second bridals

Sarah is a bride that I was lucky enough to work with last summer.  We created a champagne silk dress with a french lace overlay.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was a huge bow placed on the side back of her dress.  She wanted something a bit edgy, and as those who know me can attest, I am always for that!  We did a ruffled edge at the hem to bring in the fabric once more and justify the bow a bit.  Again, I had a fun with this dress and enjoyed working with Sarah and her, now, mother in law. 

This winter, Opie, a great photographer from Salt Lake City, called and asked to use a dress for a photo shoot.  So I thought Sarah would be a good match.  It looks like they had fun. 

Sarah was pampered by Enizio who did her hair and make up.  Doesn't she look just beautiful?  Also, Sarah's stunning flowers are by Studio Stems  I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to put their dress on again and get all done up.  I remember doing that with a great friend of mine, Maren Ogden, and having such a fabulous day.  Here's to all of the photographers out there who make us feel special and give us an excuse to dress up once more. 

Thanks Opie for the great photos!  Sarah looks amazing!