Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jesse and Mitch

Mitch is the last sibling in my husband's family to be married. He found Jesse and they are a very cute, and very in love, couple! I was honored because they made a trip to Utah to get the dress done. I met Jesse when we had our first design meeting. It was an intense project that lasted a bit less than a week. I always have a great time working on dresses for out of town brides. For some reason the time limit and the pressure makes for a great gown. This dress is a silk satin with silver embroidery and beading at waist. One of these photo's have my great in-laws with the bride and groom.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rissa's Dress

I've decided to post some past dresses until I get my web site going. Rissa was married at The Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. I love the color of this gown and the hem is one of my favorites. Her wedding day was a bit stormy, but the photographer caught some great shots when the clouds broke. I wish I had that shot to show. Oh well.

Paper Dress 2nd Try

Here is the enhanced version of this dress. The boys and I spent hours looking for huge pearls but, alas, were unsuccessful. It will be interesting to see what comes next in this series. I have always noticed that if I allow myself to do a series of things, I surprise myself with the outcome. My goal is to display these as an installation in a modern environment. I am thinking birds flying the flowers from tree branches to the dress. Think of the mice and birds in Cinderella.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloween Boys

Thought I would post a cute photo or two of the boys. Like a true moose, Hank wouldn't dance and be happy. He really took the moose personality on and just stood there for the photos. Slade, though, threw down some moves. They chose their costumes pretty early in the game. I am loving Halloween so much more since the kids came along. We are having a great time.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Savanna's Gown

I just received some photo's of Savanna in her gown from Pepper Nix Photography. I really enjoyed working with this family. I was able to do bridesmaid's dresses for Savanna's brother's wedding and then Savanna's gown and her Bridesmaid's dresses as well. (Phew, did you follow that) This, all in one summer. I think this family is quite remarkable. I feel lucky to have gotten to know them. The mother, Susan, is the best party planner ever! I loved how she helped create these great receptions and kept the bride's desires forefront in her mind.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First blog

O.K. My friend Andi suggested that I make a paper wedding dress to use as a display item in an other's studio. I am not working on any other projects, so it sounded good to me. Scott, my husband, is wary of such a fruitless endeavor, but I am having fun. It has been great to be able to do what ever I want and use shapes that I can't talk brides into trying. This photo is of the dress how I would make it for someone to wear for her wedding... or a version of it. I will now make details over sized and add surreal elements to it. I finally get to order chandelier crystals on ebay, which has been something I have wanted to do, but couldn't justify. Ironically, I am justifying it with a paper dress. Silly me. Hopefully, very soon, I will post the final dress photos.