Sunday, October 9, 2011

A NYC Trip!

There is a class I have been wanting to attend for years and years and I am finally making it happen.  Susan Khalje teaches couture dressmaking skills.  She teaches all over the United States and even takes dressmakers to Paris for more than a week.  Can you imagine???? 

So this means I get to go to New york, collect some interesting fabrics and laces for the upcoming season, and attend a four day class.  I have so many questions that need answers and am confident that I will be enlightened by Susan and the Master Pattern Maker Kenneth King. 

So if anyone out there has some suggestions on where to eat, what shows to see, or if there are any museum exhibits that are interesting, let me know.  I would love your input.  The great thing about this trip is I don't need to source anything specific.  So I get to just go buy things that are amazing to me.  Shopping for fabric is a wonderful pass time.  Wish me luck so I can find some special things.

One last note, I get to stay with Viena, Amanda's mom.  They came to Utah to have Amanda's dress made last year.  Our family became smitten with the two women.  I am looking forward to hearing more interesting stories of Viena's life.... because she has had quite an amazing life.

Here is my last thing.  If anyone living in New York City needs a dress made at a reduced cost, and has time to go to fitting at the end of this month, contact me.  

Have a wonderful day.  M     

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time off

I have been blissfully enjoying my fall break.
Enjoying it so much, I haven't bothered to take many pictures.  So this entry will be a bit scattered.  When are they not? 

We went to the desert right before the kids had to go back to school.  The husband went with, because he could take off for a bit.  Not something that happens in the spring or summer.  We hit quite a bit of desert, ending in Zion.  Yeah!  It IS my favorite place to be.  There is a lot of creative energy down there. 

When walking to a swimming hole, I was describing to the husband why I love the desert so much.  It is so hot, that your back is warmed by the sun and your front is warmed by the heat reflecting off the rocks in front of you.  To me, that is the perfect temperature.... something pretty miserable to others. 

On the day we had to go back, Hank and I hiked Angel's Landing.  I will start tearing up now, for how proud I was of him!  The whole time, he was saying, "This is our best adventure ever!"  He made it up in an hour and a half.  We had a ton of fellow hikers marveling at him.  There were even people that wanted pictures with him, to prove to friends that a boy made it up there.  So the trip was a success.  Lots of swimming holes, lots of great hiking, and all of my little family there to enjoy. 

Okay, my next big thing.  My dad was planning a trip to Boulder, Colorado, another one of my favorite places.  He was going over to help with some projects for my sister's new house.  My sister is one of those people that can do wonders for a house.  This one is quite compartmentalized.... which is to be expected because it is a 1950's house.  So we drove over together and had a great week of working.  The kids stayed with papa, which is huge, because I got to just work and not have to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  You can get a lot done if you eliminate the essential things like fixing food, caring for kids, etc.  We had dinner out most nights.  I got to sneak in a bike ride or two.  All of this in the city of Boulder.  I lucked out. 

So this is a picture of her living room floor.  It was a step down living room.  I have nothing against them.  I like their retro feel.  But we wanted to open up the dinning room and entry way, so it had to be raised up to the rest of the house.  Once the walls came down, it made a Huge difference.  I don't know if I like anything better than demo and remodeling.  My dad is still there, being the great dad.  He knows how to do everything.  I know how to cut and measure.  So the floor job was just right for me:)

I am wishing you a happy fall.  The cold is coming on, and for some reason I don't mind. 
Oh, it is because I am writing this in front of our new wood burning stove.  It is the quirky things that make me happy.  I hope you all have a warm and cozy place to hang out. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kaeli's wedding

Look at this cute and happy couple!  Kaeli talks so sweetly about her fiance, and you can see their giddiness in this image.  Here are a few pictures from their cousin, Jonnie Hartman.  The funny thing, this isn't the official photographer, but she is is a creative giant. 


This woman is amazing.  I call her my Pentagon Bride,  because of a presentation she made there right before coming out to get her dress made.  Yes, she presented there!  She is almost done with her PhD.  I do enjoy all of the diversity of brides.

I love a weighty hem.

My favorite image of the bunch.