Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dressmaker

This image has nothing really to do with the post.  I am nothing if not random.


My friend told me once that I had to look the part.  You know, dress like I create dresses. 

All I have to say to that is, "Beauty is Pain".  I am not into that type of pain.  I can take a hot iron, countless pins going through unsuspecting fingers, and lots and lots of sleepless night getting a project done.  I can't handle clothing that doesn't let me get down on the floor to conquer a hem. 

This is what happened this weekend.  I had two back to back out of town brides.  They have both been here before.  This was when I would finish the dresses.  The first one was Friday to Sunday.  The second was Monday to early Wednesday morning.  It is intense.  So much so, that I couldn't text one of the brides, I was shaking from working and worry.  The dresses are complete, but I have been walking around in a Haze from the whirlwind of it all.  I just figured out that the last day I worked, I worked for 20 hours straight.  Thankfully I didn't realize it while in that moment.  The ONLY way I made it is having fittings in my Yoga pants.  Yep, that was my strategy for survival, be comfortable.  The crazy thing is, this understanding bride still trusted in our decisions despite the image I was putting out there.  

So I will do my best to figure out how to make a gown better.  I am on a long road that way.  I will over think which thread to use for a trim piece.  I will spend my time in antique stores finding pearls and jewels.  When I am doing these things, I will be covered in white thread.  When I send my kids off to school, I will pick off  white thread from their coats and backpacks.  When I give or get a hug from the husband, I will try to get the threads off him as well.  Maybe that is the sign of a dressmaker. 

Just the thread.