Sunday, March 18, 2012


I always hesitate to write about some of the gowns, because I want to say too much.  This is the case here. 

Eliza and her mom Liz, came to me this winter.  They had a picture of a gown with some history involving one of my idols, Christian Dior.  The picture was of a gown John Galliano designed for Dior using the "The New Look" that so many of us swoon over, as inspiration.  This picture has been all over pintrest and it is so very incredibly beautiful.  Of course I had to tell them all about it.  I grabbed my Christian Dior book off my shelf and was saying, "I want to show you where Galliano received his inspiration for this gown".  I flip open to, not only the style, but the exact dress from the 60's!  Galliano re-invented the gown by bringing in some over the top structure to the skirt and amazing blue embroidery for under the hem.   

Anyway, I was lucky enough to build something like this dress for Eliza.  I viewed this experience as a painter does when they get to go to the Louvre and paint a "copy" of the great masters.  I learned so very much and have more respect for these great designers and the house that brought their gowns to life. 

This shot is the beginning of the under structure of the gown.  I imagine I put three times as much boning into this before I was finished.  The skirt was to go in and out, so just putting a poof skirt under would not have worked. 

This is for those who tell me I should post more about the process.  That is you, Jeanette.  A gown is put together and pulled apart so many times through out the process.  This is when I am checking to see if the texture has potential.  

A snapshot of the process.  I don't think I have ever worked with so much skirt especially so much skirt that needed texture. 

My kids call this the Pack Man dress. 

When you lay it down on the floor, which I had to do often, it looked like pack man.  They know to be respectful of the dresses I work on, knock on wood, but they couldn't resist getting eaten by pack man's mouth.  That is half of the skirt you are seeing.  I think the bodice is tucked under the dress, by Slade's feet. 

I promise to post the finished product worn by cute Eliza as soon as I can.