Sunday, September 27, 2009

These are a few photos I took when on a photo shoot with someone who actually can take photos.  Caitlin, the bride, had her photographer, Lindsey Stewart of Green Apple Photography, come up to the ranch and surrounding areas to have their groomals.  We had a great time and even involved the neighbor with a stint on his pond.  He is an incredible neighbor and even shines when asked to contribute to a groomals session!  His pond is so lovely and he conveniently had a classic boat there just waiting for us.  It beat the canoe we had with it's looks and stability. 

Cute and pregnant Lindsey was just great.  I have heard of her through other brides and was so glad to meet her.  What a great photographer and perfect personality for this kind of thing.  She is expecting her little girl in 5 weeks or so.  Oh to be pregnant with your first child.  That was the life.  I remember quick naps on my studio floor back in the day.  Here are a few of her in action.  Again, these photos are not much to sneeze at.... I am a dressmaker, not a photographer.

Marge, the mother of the bride, of course was attending.  Marge thinks I am crazy because of how long it takes to create these things.  She is not far off, especially on this one. 

I took on this project because I was so interested in the texture element and the length of this skirt.  Love it when I get a bride who is willing to take chances.  I think that is the best situation for designers.  There is something compelling about being inspired by a dress but not following that dress completely.  In this case, we were going for a Jacki-o style. 

I have looked into her specific wedding dress and it has a compelling history.  A point or two is that the designer's studio was flooded a few days before the wedding and she had to make everything again.  That seems a bit unbelievable, but it still makes for an interesting story.  Another thing about her, she was African-American and quite well known.  There is speculation that she would have been another Vera Wang if the world was a bit different during that time. 

Whew, I went on a tangent.  Love the stories of these famous dresses.  I need to dig further, though, so I get it right. 

Anyway, Jacki's dress has always a great one, and now we were able to use it as inspiration for Caitlin's dress.  It is by no means meant to look like Jacki's, just hint towards it. 

I have to give you the statistics of this dress.  94 yards of hand pleated fabric went into the skirt.  Yep, I think that is the only stat that is worth pointing out.  Yes, 94 yards made this trim on the skirt, and yes, each pleat was ironed and angled so as to create the right amount of circle or curve.  Love that type of work, I think it is therapy for me.  There is always quite a bit of internal pressure that I put on myself to make the gowns as perfect as possible.  This one just took a little longer to "nip it in the bud", so to speak.  So if I ramble on it is just because I am happy about the outcome. 

Last little side note, Caitlin is wearing my Grandmother's pearl necklace on her wedding day.  I guess that is the something borrowed.  Pretty cool, I think. 

Enjoy your wedding day Caitlin and Nate.  You are a cute couple. 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sarah and the Golden Gate

I will post more photo's of this dress, but Sarah's mom sent me this teaser shot.  Isn't the photo incredible.  (I will find out the photographer when I get more images to show.)  Oh, what a great family and bride.  This dress was made with the bride and her parents here for a consultation and first fitting.  She then flew in again and we had Saturday and Sunday to really put the dress together.  She returned again that next Thursday and we made a minor adjustment and she took the dress.  It comes down to a very very intense two days of creating.  The dress went so well... which is the only way it could have worked out.  Thankfully Sarah has been living right and deserved an easy dressmaking experience.  Thank you "Carma"!

I love experiences like this, where I am pushed so hard, yet it comes together in the end.  I can't wait to show you the flower on this dress.  It is one of the serendipitous types where it ends up a surprise even to me. 
Big thanks to my honey for having quality time with the boys.  They had some great guy time that weekend!