Sunday, November 1, 2015

Window House

Here is the official record of what my kids do while I am working.  
This is a great shot of Slade gaming. 

Here is the story.

While watching TV a few months ago, I found the perfect house.  As I do, I showed Scott.  Usually he says "that's nice dear".  To my surprise, he said, "make an offer".  
So I did and we won out of 9 offers.  

We bought it thinking we would rent it out right away.  
The kitchen was clean, 
the whole house had been painted, 
there was new carpet.  
It was fine.  

We call that a vintage yellow sink, it is all in the way you say it. 


We did know that the electrical needed to be completely re-done.  
The house wasn't grounded because they re-plumbed the house with Pex and took out the old pipes that were used to ground the house.  Thankfully, this house has a crawl space, so pulling new wire was a simple affair.   

Of course I have been working with my dad on this and we seem to have a problem knowing when to stop.  The plan was to replace counter tops, but if you do that, you might as well re-format the kitchen.  Oh, and take out the flooring.  
Can you see where I am going with this?  

Nice, clean wall separating the kitchen from the living room.  

Two boys having the time of their life.  
Nothing like taking out some drywall.

My favorite times are the "wall take out" days.

 The kitchen is huge for a 1955 house.  It is roomy and bright enough.  
But opening it up brings all of the light from the big windows into that space.  
I love it.   

We have done most of the work now, I will update soon.  
The last thing to decide.  What color do you paint this door.  
I would love some suggestions....