Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We have really enjoyed the family time of this season. We did the traditional see the lights in S.L.C. thing. We rode "tracks" which is always the highlight for the boys and for us because of them. It is always so nice to go to the "big city".

Christmas was more than leisure. It snowed all day long, the kind that gets down your neck and hurts your face if you look anywhere but at your feet. We stayed in. The kids didn't get up until 8:00 A.M. They are great kids!

Otherwise, it was perfect. I feel like we do well together. I tell Hank that I love him and no mater what, he says, "me too". I think that means he loves me too. Slade likes to tell me he loves Papa but not me. I don't care because he always gives me perfect cuddles.

We were talking about what our favorite things were and Hank said my most favorite thing was the desert. So to celebrate that fact and to remind us all that there are warmer days in our lives, I posted an Arches picture from October. It features my two kids and their cousin Harry.

Good evening!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I found Christmas!

I was able to help with costumes for our ward play this weekend. I wish I had pictures, if and when I get some, I will post them. It was a HUGE undertaking and involved incredible amounts of time for all involved. I feel so lucky to work with such great people! The experience had so many layers of goodness.

First, the story was how Mary and Joseph got themselves into such an interesting situation. They were played by a 14 year old Mary and a 15 year old Joseph. That in itself brought home the overwhelmingly crazy predicament. It broke down the story into such basic moments that could be understood by all and, more importantly, felt by all. By the way, the play was "Savior of the World". It is always so sweet to think of the real reason we do this "Christmas thing" and have moments when we celebrate it for what it is.

Second, the amount of people willing to help in such an active way. Just in my realm, I had help from countless people that made it actually work. We dressed at least 40 to 45 people and most had two changes during the hour long play. It was crazy amounts of fabric, so much I couldn't even estimate. This isn't my strong point, organizing people and giving them jobs. I usually just work in my little world quietly putting together a wedding gown or some other formal outfit. It was fun to be in a situation I am not used to and seeing it come together. Thanks to all of those wonderful women that helped so graciously.

Yes, I did shed a tear during the last song of "Silent Night" while sitting with my cute little boys that wanted to "come find Mama" by the second half of the play.

Here's to the true Christmas Spirit!