Monday, November 28, 2011

Am I crying or laughing?

Hee Hee Hee.  These are just too much!  Would it be weird to beg my brides to use this guy for their photographer?   To what extent should I go on about this?  Are these happy tears?  Can I tell you how indebted I feel when I see a good bridal or wedding shoot?  It is as if the photographer is doing me the favor.  That person is personally making my day, week, and month. 

I emailed Scott Jarvie of jarviedigital to tell him how awesome the shoot looked.  He gave me some insight that I have touched on in the past, but he said it so very well.  He mentioned that it was a fun shoot because Rosalia was amazing and pretty much self sufficient.  It gave him the chance to work on some interesting lighting, etc, so the shoot would be THAT MUCH BETTER.  Well said. 

I feel that the gowns I love the most are for brides that trust me and let me introduce those foreign and chancy ideas.  I might not even go there after trying, but just in the trying the gown gets better.  It opens up avenues that wouldn't be traveled for fear of the bride thinking I have lost it.   

So here they are, the beautiful Rosalia in the dress I didn't want to finish.  Now you see why I wanted to keep working on it, right?

 Notice how Rosalia uses the veil as her prop.  So cool.

Is it the eyes, the lipstick, or both, why does she have that classic Hollywood look?

I love the richness of this room.  I have been here, but Scott Jarvie makes it look that much more opulent. 

Thank you Rosalia for the opportunity create this gown. 
Thank you Jarvie digital for capturing it so well. 

Enjoy the day. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It is a quiet moment for a bit.  I would like to record for what I am thankful.

My family
My husband
The cute boys

The fact it hasn't snowed too much yet
Wood stoves
Thai Food, especially the restaurant in Orem on 800 South
Indian Food
Wood stoves (because I am sitting by it right now)

Wood stoves
Bike rides
Sewing with the sun coming through the window
"This American Life"

This week could have gone so many different ways.  I needed to finish Rosalia's gown.  It wasn't one I was happy to have finished, I was having far too much fun with it and working with Rosalia.  It consisted of lots and lots of Chantilly lace which was hand sewn onto circle organza pieces.  I LOVE to hand sew lace for some demented reason.  It takes forever and that is why I love it. 

Slade woke up sick on Tuesday night.  I was up with him for the rest of the night, poor kid.  My plan was to wake early and sew.  Well, I was awake, but assisting him in his miserableness, not sewing.  The next night he was still sick, so still no sleep for either of us. 

Thanksgiving was next.  Slade woke at 7:00 A.M. happy and bright.  Thankfully he was better.  The plan was to have dinner with 20 of our family.  If he was sick, it would have changed the feeling of the day.  The dinner was perfect.  Family and food.  Yeah! 

That night I knew I had to finish the dress.  I stayed up til 3:00 or so, and the reason I am telling you this is because.... I had a great time sewing.  I was at peace, I was enjoying the process, and I was making decisions that I didn't regret the next morning.  This all happened after two previous nights of not sleeping at all.  It seems like it doesn't matter the things you have to accomplish or go through, it is being able to to through those moments in peace.  I think that is the blessing of this moment.  Because in the end, there are always hard things to get through.  I am, by no means ,saying that I am going through a hard moment.  I am simply saying that I appreciated being able to enjoy a late night of sewing.  Something that isn't usually enjoyed. 

Best of all, I just saw the bridals for Rosalia.  They are stunning!  Hopefully I can post some soon.  The perfect ending to a really really great gown making experience.

I guess I am trying to appreciate the sweet moments in life.  I hope it makes me feel more grateful.  I am wishing you a happy moment in your day. 

Best, M  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sigh,  how can I write about this?  There is too much to say, so why even start.  Yes, this is the reason I haven't blogged about my trip to NYC. 

First off, I was able to stay with my friends.  It made the trip.  Really, it did.  I was able to come back to there apartment each night ready for great conversation.  When we were out and about, she enlightened me about the architecture and some history of the place.  Oh, how I love to know those interesting details. 

After a day at the garment district, I decided to walk to the Wall Street protest.  So very interesting!  My timing was great, because after I got there, they all marched on City Hall.  I was impressed by the organization of the protesters and the police force.  As we were marching, the police were right there.  Lots and lots of them. 

There was a woman that was writing the phone number of a lawyer on people's arms.  She wasn't happy that I declined her offer.  I felt that if something were to happen, all of the others around me would have the number on their arms.  I skipped out after a while.  Very cool energy and so very interesting. 

Here is the reason I couldn't get arrested.  Kenneth King and Susan Khalje!  Read more about them here:  Kenneth or Susan.  They were fabulous teachers.  I admit, Kenneth is also an over the top story teller.  We were entertained while being enlightened about couture sewing techniques!  I really suggest this class for anyone who is interested in sewing clothing.  It was informative and you will feel right at home with everyone.  Everyone was so kind and supportive.  Really great experience. 

Here is Kenneth with his hair extension and leather coat.  He has created some pretty incredible things.  Oh, and did I mention he is a funny guy?

Susan is the one with the blue tape measure around her neck.  This woman could de-stress any situation or person.  I did tease her about her calm and cool demeanor.  If she said, "Look at this, I guess you will have to spend 50 hours repairing this mistake."  You would be fine with it.  It isn't her message, it is in the way she says it. 

I did prove to be a distracted student.  I have learned that when I take the class again, I can't do it in New York.  That place has far too much energy for me to settle down and really get things done.  Good thing I am in Utah where there are far fewer distractions:-)  For the exception of my cute boys and honey, of course. 


The weather was crazy.  Sunny one day, snowy the next, then sunny, then snowy.  On my last evening I walked til I was wet through.  I had someone snap a picture with my phone.  Yes, I know I have red eye, but I can't fix it.  I am a dressmaker, not so great at computers. I Love the brightness of the night sky there.  It is so opposite of my life.  I do find it hard to go in and relax, because I will miss something, I know I will.     

Well, I got home in time for Halloween and our scary zombies.  The biggest culture shock was going outside in the morning and realizing that when I walk out of our house, nothing is moving.  No cars, no people, no neighbors.  It was a bit shocking.  That day my kids were zombies, but I think I was closer to being one, despite the green makeup they wore.