Sunday, November 27, 2011


It is a quiet moment for a bit.  I would like to record for what I am thankful.

My family
My husband
The cute boys

The fact it hasn't snowed too much yet
Wood stoves
Thai Food, especially the restaurant in Orem on 800 South
Indian Food
Wood stoves (because I am sitting by it right now)

Wood stoves
Bike rides
Sewing with the sun coming through the window
"This American Life"

This week could have gone so many different ways.  I needed to finish Rosalia's gown.  It wasn't one I was happy to have finished, I was having far too much fun with it and working with Rosalia.  It consisted of lots and lots of Chantilly lace which was hand sewn onto circle organza pieces.  I LOVE to hand sew lace for some demented reason.  It takes forever and that is why I love it. 

Slade woke up sick on Tuesday night.  I was up with him for the rest of the night, poor kid.  My plan was to wake early and sew.  Well, I was awake, but assisting him in his miserableness, not sewing.  The next night he was still sick, so still no sleep for either of us. 

Thanksgiving was next.  Slade woke at 7:00 A.M. happy and bright.  Thankfully he was better.  The plan was to have dinner with 20 of our family.  If he was sick, it would have changed the feeling of the day.  The dinner was perfect.  Family and food.  Yeah! 

That night I knew I had to finish the dress.  I stayed up til 3:00 or so, and the reason I am telling you this is because.... I had a great time sewing.  I was at peace, I was enjoying the process, and I was making decisions that I didn't regret the next morning.  This all happened after two previous nights of not sleeping at all.  It seems like it doesn't matter the things you have to accomplish or go through, it is being able to to through those moments in peace.  I think that is the blessing of this moment.  Because in the end, there are always hard things to get through.  I am, by no means ,saying that I am going through a hard moment.  I am simply saying that I appreciated being able to enjoy a late night of sewing.  Something that isn't usually enjoyed. 

Best of all, I just saw the bridals for Rosalia.  They are stunning!  Hopefully I can post some soon.  The perfect ending to a really really great gown making experience.

I guess I am trying to appreciate the sweet moments in life.  I hope it makes me feel more grateful.  I am wishing you a happy moment in your day. 

Best, M  


Jen said...

Feeling peaceful & happy in a time crunch makes it just that much more peaceful and happy! Can't wait to see the bridals...looks beautiful.

Makay said...

Oh what cuties! :)
And yes- much to be grateful for!