Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amanda update

So last weekend was a whirlwind of sewing, fittings, and lots of talk of Mad Men.  Amanda and her mom, Viena were in again for more dressmaking.  The out of town bride is so intense for me, and I love it.  It does take a few days to recover from it.   

These women have lived such different lives than me, so it makes for great conversation.  But most of all, they have the best attitudes.  I love a person that can live so happily and appreciate the moment they are living.  Boy, I sound corny, but you should hear them.  This is why I love this job.  I get to work with people during a happy and exciting time in their lives.  Pretty cool. 

Because of all of the talk of Mad Men, I think Amanda embodied Joan's spirit.  She isn't built like Joan, (is anyone?) but she has the attitude.  I am a strong believer that the bride has the power to make the dress much better just through wearing it well.  Amanda will do that. 

Disclaimer, Amanda will not be wearing the socks on the wedding day, but aren't they a great photo op?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shelby, stage 1

I had the greatest time working on Shelby's dress.  She chose a beautiful silk satin.  I would say it was the color of butter.  Shelby wanted something more gown than wedding dress.  I love that.  Shelby also came with a new sister-in-law who designs beautiful things.... really really beautiful things.  So I got to be the seamstress on this one and create a dress for Shelby by Shelby and Autumn.  I really enjoyed the collaboration and challenge.  The pictures are of the bodice front and back.  I just counted and there are 24 pieces for just the bodice.  I can't wait to show the whole dress, but am having fun showing pictures of the process.  Seems like I have been doing that lately. 

Each dress makes me question my abilities, especially when I get to work with someone like Autumn.  It really shows how little I know.  It is humbling but also really enlightening.  I love the push in a different direction.  In a way, though, it is a helpless feeling that I will never get where I want to go.  Oh, that reminds me of the song the boys are learning.  They have been learning all of my old U2 songs.  "I still haven't found what I'm looking for."  It seems more appropriate than ever.  It goes to show, you can have a great husband, two beautiful boys, and still have a feeling of not arriving yet.  I think that is what keeps a person going. 

I write this while content and happy about things, just so you know. 
I believe this feeling is the reason I can sew and the reason I love to do it. 
This feeling is why I love to start and finish each dress. 
This feeling is why I get excited knowing the next project will leave me stumped, until, as I wake one morning, the answer is floating in my head. 
 Boy, I love those answers. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nicky and groom

Cute as a button, don't you think?  Or is it "cute as buttons"? 

I worked on this dress in the summer and got this in an email after the event.  It was great working with Nicky.  She lives in California and came up a couple of times to get the dress done.  She is one of those smart women which seems to be the case with all of my brides.  She is becoming a Doctor and will do amazing things. 

I think you can really see that they had a great time at their wedding.  I love the bride and groom that arrange to have fun on the fateful day.  From this image, you can see that they are happy, calm, and enjoying the moment. 

Oh, did I mention that I wouldn't mind having this dress.  I loved the vintage feel of it, and the lace, and the color of silk underneath.