Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amanda update

So last weekend was a whirlwind of sewing, fittings, and lots of talk of Mad Men.  Amanda and her mom, Viena were in again for more dressmaking.  The out of town bride is so intense for me, and I love it.  It does take a few days to recover from it.   

These women have lived such different lives than me, so it makes for great conversation.  But most of all, they have the best attitudes.  I love a person that can live so happily and appreciate the moment they are living.  Boy, I sound corny, but you should hear them.  This is why I love this job.  I get to work with people during a happy and exciting time in their lives.  Pretty cool. 

Because of all of the talk of Mad Men, I think Amanda embodied Joan's spirit.  She isn't built like Joan, (is anyone?) but she has the attitude.  I am a strong believer that the bride has the power to make the dress much better just through wearing it well.  Amanda will do that. 

Disclaimer, Amanda will not be wearing the socks on the wedding day, but aren't they a great photo op?


Ashley Fastle said...

this dress will be amazing. I cant wait to see the finish project.

amy said...

holy cow that is a BEAUTIFUL dress.

Amanda Summer Runner said...

First, I'd like to salute all of you who made it to the comment section of the blog. That's always a sign of supreme character.;) But seriously, the reason I want to write something is to acknowledge the incredible woman Melissa is and the inspiration she - and her family - have brought to my life. My mom and I admittedly took a little risk flying to Utah (a state neither one of us knows that well) to entrust a complete stranger with creating a wedding dress. You'd think that in San Francisco, where I now live, or New York, where my mom lives and where I'm from, I might have found something I like. Nope. I wanted to find a dress with a character all its own. And I wanted to meet the person who made it. Neither my mom nor I really knew what to expect - at the very least we saw an adventure in store. And yet the moment we arrived at Melissa's stunning home, well at that very first introduction a clear connection was made - among all of us; true kismet and some very good karma brought us to them. A heartening reminder that sometimes taking a leap of faith really works out! Not only have I learned about one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I have met four of the most amazing people. Oh, and the dress - don't even get me started. It is out of control BEAUTIFUL!!! Melissa is an incredibly bold, creative and talented individual. I've seen a bunch of wedding dresses, but none come close to the originality, spirit, and down-right deliciousness of this dress. I really could go on, but I've probably used up all the comment space. Suffice it to say that I'm so happy my mom and I have met the Blackburn family - and I can't wait to introduce my future husband, Paul, to them. (He's certainly heard me babble nonstop.) And with my wedding in Northern California just a little over 2 weeks away, I am getting reeeeallly excited to introduce Melissa's latest masterpiece - aka: the Amanda Dress (can we call it that?:)) to all my friends and family!!

Mandy said...

The Amanda Dress is a perfect name!
Melissa you are truly amazing, I love the dress and wanted to let you know how inspiring you are to all of us.
LOVE you!