Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chelsey with Balloons

I SO enjoyed working on Chelsey's dress.  We used the most beautiful cotton organdy polka dot.  I loved it so much, I blogged about it. 

The dress took a few turns and ended up being the small waist and big skirt variety.  It suited her well.  I am sad that you can't see the fabric and ruching that makes the dress... but C'est la vie!  These images are beautiful and she looks great, don't you think?  This is why I don't post photo's I have taken at the time of the fittings.  A bride always looks so incredible under the influence of a great photographer.  I can never do a person justice with my lack of photographic intelligence. 

I just love the balloon shot.  So, so, clean and fresh.  Yes, weird words to describe.  Maybe it is getting late for me to be blogging.  I wish Chelsey the best.  She is one who deserves everything wonderful. 

Oh, I can't find the photographers name.  Dang, I will get that info out tomorrow. 

Just as a side note.  All of my boys and I had such a great day today.  It is hot like it should be August, not October.  That makes me happy.  I got to go on a long jog, which in itself, can make my day.  But we also splashed in some water, visited with friends, ate good food, and danced in the light of a flashlight (the little boys did that).  

Hope you have a wonderful day. 


Maren said...

It's Chelsea Norton!Her sister Heather Mildenstein is a photographer, as is her sister-in-law Natalie Norton, but Jonathan Canlas did her wedding photos. But it may have been one of her sisters that did the bridals. Here's a link to her wedding pics: It was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes: and you're given credit for the gown, so you're famous again! Love you!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Beautiful!!! Wow you have a been busy!