Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick view of Lauren and Crismon

Okay, I saw that Lindsey of greenapplephotography.blogspot.com  posted a thumbnail of Lauren and Crismon's wedding.  It always makes my day to see images of dresses I have done.  Especially when they come from a photographer that is so talented!
Just a few words about Lauren and her mom, Julie.  They couldn't have been more lovely.  They are both classic and beautiful women.  They worked well together while remaining individuals.  That is the challenge in this world of mothers and brides.  I was happily surprised at the direction the dress went.  I love a dress that I wasn't expecting at the start. 

I can't wait to show you the wedding in full.  Lauren's mom, Julie, is an exceptionally talented florist.  Oh, that word doesn't do her justice.  She is a.... designer of flowers and other beautiful things.  You can see her work at julieprinceflowers.com.  She did the wedding for Caitlin about a year ago.  So of course I was thrilled to work with her and her daughter on this dress.  

I know this sounds trite, but I appreciate and love my job because I get to work with such great women.  To be a part of this event for so many people is quite phenomenal.  Every dress and every bride surprises me in some way or another.  I feel so fortunate to be a "gown maker".

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