Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unexpected Vacation

Today I feel grateful.  I have been walking around in a bit of a euphoric state. 

 I have been reveling in my two cute kids,
my best friend, who luckily, is also my husband,
the beautiful place that we get to live,
my family,
my husband's family,
my wonderful job that makes me so happy,
and sunlight. 

Why am I acting like this?  Well, I finished the last dress of the busy busy busy season.  The last two and a half years have been a bit overwhelming.  I like overwhelming, but maybe not for that long.  I finished Amanda's dress and shipped it off to San Francisco.  Right after that I opened up a package from Amanda.  It had a bunch of "silly bands" for the kids.  I always get sentimental when anyone gives something to our kids.  It also had an invitation for her wedding.  Earlier, she had said that we should come out.  I thought that wouldn't happen and didn't think anything of it.  BUT the combination of the dress being off, which always fills me with a great sense of relief, the invitation, finding out my kids are out of school for fall break, and the promise of a road trip to San Francisco, it seemed to make sense.  Spontaneous sense. 

So we made plans and went.  It was a perfect vacation.  We dragged the kids all over the place and they were truly happy and enthralled.  We stayed in one of the old hotels in down town.  Loved it.  There is nothing like a good San Francisco hotel.  We did all of the touristy things.  Just walking down the street is an experience for the kids. 

Slade danced to the street musicians.  Hank finally got to ride on a cable car.  We walked and walked.  Even hailing a taxi was exciting.  Of course we went out to Alcatraz.  It was a beautiful time.  I am thinking this is the perfect time to tour with kids.  They were eager to see and do everything!   

At the end of the short vacation in San Francisco, we headed out to the rolling hills of California.  Amanda and Paul's wedding was at Taber Ranch, it was quaint and quite stunning.  We enjoyed a beautiful ceremony given by their friend.  Just the ceremony was worth it.  It was funny and touching.  Perfect.  Then there was the great dinner and the chance to talk to so many of their friends.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming to us.... the "dressmaker" and her family.  I think we were all overwhelmed by the whole thing.  We couldn't get over how wonderful everyone was to us. 

I will post more of the wedding later, once I have photo's to go with it.  These look like they were taken by paparazzi from a very distant place.  That heightens the mystery of what it was all about and what the dress looked like.  I was just taking it all in, so I forgot to take out our camera.   

I am just grateful.  I feel lucky to work with people during such a significant time in their lives.  I love that I get to create, be pushed to do more, and to grow and learn.  But it is most rewarding to meet and work with people on the project of a wedding gown.   

Oh, and it doesn't hurt to go on a road trip or two. 


Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Love this post! Love that you got to take a spontaneous road trip with your 3 boys. Looks like it was a perfect getaway!

Amanda Summer Runner said...

What a glorious getaway! I love those pictures on the boat to Alcatraz and Slade's cupcake face. :)

Oh - and I shouldn't have to say this, but you all were much more than the "dressmaker & family" at the wedding. You were our good friends who honored us - and all of those were were so excited to meet you - by joining in the celebration!