Sunday, February 15, 2009

The play room

Thought I would post this great photo of my boys and my dad. They are working on the new play room in the loft. It is located in some empty space behind a previously sealed up wall. It has the potential of being quite the cave/fort/play room.
I am lucky to have a dad that is always working on various projects, mostly for people other than himself. He seems game to take on anything, even harebrained ideas from his youngest daughter. We all enjoyed having him come up and make this great space. The boys learned how to measure and mark wood for cutting. Slade would plug his ears when my dad ran the saw and yell that it was too loud. Hank was the eager little helper, so very happy that "Baca" was around. I even learned to quit trying to be helpful and sew while he was working. I understand it now.... it would be like trying to sew while another person hovered and kept asking to help. I think that would drive me crazy.
I will post more photos once the thing is finished. I can't wait to paint the walls with the boys. I know it will have a blue sky for slade and a yellow sun for hank. I imagine we will include some cars, trucks, and trees in the mix. If you have any ideas to make a very small space cool, let me know!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bridal Show

The last few weeks I have been bustling about figuring out my booth for the Bridal Fair at Provo High. These things easily get blown out of proportion.... but that is what I do, right? It seems if I get involved in a project, I always over do it and spent WAY too much time putting it together. I used to put these things together at my studio (pre-kid days) and my husband wasn't there to witness the effort put forth and stress it caused. A few days before this one, he stated that "I thought this was going to be low key". Oh yes, it was low key, he has no idea what I went through when we would go the the Children's market in NYC.

The difference, though, was everything had to be packed into something that could go on a plane. Thanks to ski bags we pulled that one off. To our credit, we did manage to haul two dress forms, at least 12 dresses, six feet signs, and a beautiful maple dress rack made possible by my dad. He is a saint.... a very capable one with all sorts of woodworking tools in his garage.

I am going off track now. ANYWAY, I have to thank so many people for the success of this booth. My dad, for hauling lumber from my brother and sister in law's restaurant, The Painted Pony, to his house. The restaurant is located in Saint George, is incredible, and now has a beautiful new deck. Thus, the lumber from the old deck was available for the booth. My dad also designed the structure and made it so beautiful. I love the reclaimed wood look and especially LOVE the color I stressed over. Most thought I was crazy for this color choice, but I love how it turned out.

Next, Andi Pitcher/Davis lent me the Chandelier and white silk curtains. That chandelier was the creative force behind the booth and I was so lucky to borrow it from her. It was the reason for the arbor structure, so maybe my dad wasn't so keen on her generosity.

Maren Ogden, a wonderful photographer and graphics designer lent me the carpet and extra lighting. She also designed my logo and helped with the sign. I would be lost without her help, like usual.

Then there is the great images that were given to me by Hayley Anderson. Her web site is She is fresh and new and incredible. Thanks to her, I have a great image for my sign as well. You all have to agree that it is a great shot of some shoes and chandelier.

Of course Debbie Camp supplied the beautiful green back drop. I am clean out of any bright fabrics and we all know Utah valley has nothing in terms of bright green fabric.... unless you are quilting.

I want to thank my brides who let me borrow there gowns! I know it is a lot to ask, but they all were so generous and trusting. Annie, Lindsay, Carly, and Amy, you are awesome! I am lucky to work with such quality people.

This is getting way to wordy.

I loved meeting so many people. Everyone was so positive and enthusiastic about my work. It was fun for the day. I do love putting these things together. It is so creative and lets you dabble in structures other than dresses.

Last note, one of the dresses is made of butcher paper. I loved the reaction of the women that came through. For the most part, they got it, but a few were quite worried about it.