Sunday, February 15, 2009

The play room

Thought I would post this great photo of my boys and my dad. They are working on the new play room in the loft. It is located in some empty space behind a previously sealed up wall. It has the potential of being quite the cave/fort/play room.
I am lucky to have a dad that is always working on various projects, mostly for people other than himself. He seems game to take on anything, even harebrained ideas from his youngest daughter. We all enjoyed having him come up and make this great space. The boys learned how to measure and mark wood for cutting. Slade would plug his ears when my dad ran the saw and yell that it was too loud. Hank was the eager little helper, so very happy that "Baca" was around. I even learned to quit trying to be helpful and sew while he was working. I understand it now.... it would be like trying to sew while another person hovered and kept asking to help. I think that would drive me crazy.
I will post more photos once the thing is finished. I can't wait to paint the walls with the boys. I know it will have a blue sky for slade and a yellow sun for hank. I imagine we will include some cars, trucks, and trees in the mix. If you have any ideas to make a very small space cool, let me know!


marymary said...

Oh my goodness, look who I found! Sweeeeeet! You have a blog! Your boys are darling. I'm adding you to my Google Reader right now. I'm glad you're back in the wedding gown business -- you're so, so talented.

I actually was thinking about you and your talent today because I have a technical question. Do you have a good source for petticoat netting? All I can find anywhere since Specialty Lace closed is craft netting and tulle. OK, I lied -- two questions. I'm making some flower girl dresses out of cotton eyelet with big holes and I wonder if there's any specific underlining fabric you would recommend, and again, where to get it.

Oh dear. Sorry for taking up all your comment space with my rambling questions.

Taryn said...

hey Melissa... I have photos of your wonderful creations to email you.. I don't have an email address though. Do you want to email it to me..