Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute Boys

I need to set the record straight. These boys are so very cute and so very happy and have been the best brothers to each other. I have been attached to the sewing machine lately and have worried about those two.... needlessly it seems. They have spent the last while playing all sorts of games and entertaining each other so well.
I am such a hovering mama, so I think these sewing deadlines have been helping me give the boys some space. It is silly that up until now, if the boys needed milk or a snack, I would drop everything and get it for them. I think I have figured out that they will survive and even flourish if they have to wait a bit.

On another note, we do live in the mountains. I stepped outside to calm down the dogs. I heard a coyote just across the way from our house. I don't know why they are so close to us. It makes me think twice about letting the kids play outside. I am so glad we have Jack and Earl to help us be safe. Good dogs!


Ben said...

We agree, what cute boys you guys have! Lydia and I sure had fun playing with them and being entertained by them during our visit!!

marymary said...

Cute might be an understatement.

I think my kids would love it if I were the type of mom who dropped everything to get them a snack. I could probably stand to develop my "hovering" skills a touch. Maybe having coyotes outside the house would help. Yikes! And the names of your dogs make me realize that we've been out of touch for entirely too long. I think the dogs I remember were named Nakaya and Sabin (sp?)

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Those boys are AWESOME! I can't wait to see pictures of the dresses you're working on. You are such a good doting mama. You've taught me a lot about nurturing and loving on my kids through the years. I still have lots to learn.

Vanessa said...

I can't believe how fast those boys are growing. They are undeniably happy and I can't wait to see them this summer. I have a hard time not feeling guilty when I am doing something other than doting on the kids, but like you, realize that they are often thriving in the sunshine away from my looming shadow. Good luck with all your sewing!