Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sarah and the Golden Gate

I will post more photo's of this dress, but Sarah's mom sent me this teaser shot.  Isn't the photo incredible.  (I will find out the photographer when I get more images to show.)  Oh, what a great family and bride.  This dress was made with the bride and her parents here for a consultation and first fitting.  She then flew in again and we had Saturday and Sunday to really put the dress together.  She returned again that next Thursday and we made a minor adjustment and she took the dress.  It comes down to a very very intense two days of creating.  The dress went so well... which is the only way it could have worked out.  Thankfully Sarah has been living right and deserved an easy dressmaking experience.  Thank you "Carma"!

I love experiences like this, where I am pushed so hard, yet it comes together in the end.  I can't wait to show you the flower on this dress.  It is one of the serendipitous types where it ends up a surprise even to me. 
Big thanks to my honey for having quality time with the boys.  They had some great guy time that weekend!


Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Holy AmaZING! The dress is incredible and yes that is a great photo. I Cannot believe you made it in a week...that is a lot of pleats (is that what you call them) along the hem and even bodice (sp?) okay, I can't wait to see more photos and especially the flower!

andi said...

Did you install specialized mini fans in the lining to give it that billowing "lift"? She looks like she just floated down from the top of the bridge to kiss the groom.


Camay said...

so pretty!

Broadobalds said...

Stunning Melissa! You're so talented.