Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kaeli's wedding

Look at this cute and happy couple!  Kaeli talks so sweetly about her fiance, and you can see their giddiness in this image.  Here are a few pictures from their cousin, Jonnie Hartman.  The funny thing, this isn't the official photographer, but she is is a creative giant. 


This woman is amazing.  I call her my Pentagon Bride,  because of a presentation she made there right before coming out to get her dress made.  Yes, she presented there!  She is almost done with her PhD.  I do enjoy all of the diversity of brides.

I love a weighty hem.

My favorite image of the bunch.  


Emily Heizer Photography said...

I love a weighty hem too! Hee hee! :)

HoosierCougar said...

You're amazing, Melissa! The dress is Beautiful. It looks almost old-fashioned with the lace-covered fabric but not too much. These brides are lucky to have you!

The Boyer's said...

love the dress !! your so amazing

Torrey Palmer said...

Melissa, I love love the dress! I served my mission with Kaili. What a small world. By the way we are breaking the trend of boys and having a little girl! Love you guys!