Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First blog

O.K. My friend Andi suggested that I make a paper wedding dress to use as a display item in an other's studio. I am not working on any other projects, so it sounded good to me. Scott, my husband, is wary of such a fruitless endeavor, but I am having fun. It has been great to be able to do what ever I want and use shapes that I can't talk brides into trying. This photo is of the dress how I would make it for someone to wear for her wedding... or a version of it. I will now make details over sized and add surreal elements to it. I finally get to order chandelier crystals on ebay, which has been something I have wanted to do, but couldn't justify. Ironically, I am justifying it with a paper dress. Silly me. Hopefully, very soon, I will post the final dress photos.

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andi said...

See, maybe if our husbands spent more time drinking beer they would be less concerned with our "follies". We could just send them off to some bar whilst we make paper dresses and renovate kitchens. Any curious feelings of disapproval they may feel when they return could just be blamed on a hangover.