Thursday, November 4, 2010

Should I blog about this?

I really hesitate to post about this only because I know what "real" creative giants are doing out there, and by comparison, this project is just silly. 

Here is the story.  I really really want to change up our living room area.  It has seen better days.  So I decided to start small, or rather, cheap.  I tackled a wall.  You would think this would be a couple of days project.  Oh, no.  Not me.  I can't justify doing something frivolous until all work is off the table.  So I have been whittling away at this one since June or there abouts. 

The start.  I went to our local second hand store.  Utah people know it as D.I.  I lucked out and found a huge selection of once loved frames.  This put me out about 20 dollars and I gained 12 frames.  I brought them home, discarded the glass and miscellaneous art found within, and took a trip to Home Depot with leaves in hand.  I tried and tried to get the color right.  I settled on a color I felt like I could live with it.  It is a nice frog green..... bright frog green.... like Kermit. 

Next, I used this beautiful vintage linen as a backdrop inside the frames.  I call it vintage because it was from my Dad's wife's mom's collection, who has wonderful taste.  (whew, I can't even follow that connection)   Because I am a sucker for a good linen, I thought it would be perfect.  It is neutral, so I will get to change out what I put on the frames from time to time. 

These picture frames sat on my wall for a while and I asked any willing person what they would do with it.  My vision was to pin old school drawings of flora and fauna on them.  Couldn't find the perfect ones, so instead, found a great book on Van Gogh at a second hand book store.  This is where it gets sketchy.  Is it morally wrong to rip out pictures and put them on your wall?  Some people don't understand how I can cut into fabric.  That is no big thing.  I struggled to cut into this book.  Am I breaking any codes of conduct?  Hope not. 

I got over it quickly when I saw how great the colors of his amazing paintings went with my Kermit green frames.  I should have used one of his paintings to color match my paint.  It would have saved me a lot of time mixing. 

So the butterflies found at a craft store are the part that makes me happy when I walk by.  I know it is fall and everyone is getting out the leaves and pumpkins.  Those things depress me.  At this time of year I need to be reminded that spring will come again.  I am justified in feeling this way.  The snow can be taller than the boys, snow non stop for days on end.... and stay til May.  Butterflies are how I protest winter.  Or rather, butterflies are how I keep the inside of my house bright while it is so cold out there. 


Mandy said...

I adore are magnificent!

Jeanette said...

Wow! That is wonderful! I'm so glad you shared the process behind creating your "new wall"! It makes it that much more fun to see!

Vanessa said...

I love the colors! I have to much brown in my house. You have inspired me to live on the wild side and spice it up a bit. I am so bummed about not seeing you this summer. It was not in the cards as my family was in disastrous ruins. But I still smile when I think about your darling boys approaching me at the pool. Next time, I promise. Family, shmamily.

Kaitlyn Killgo said...

Your statement "this is how i protest winter" made me smile!
I love the linen idea!