Sunday, November 7, 2010

JCrew Jewelry

This dress is going to be so cool!  The idea is to have a heavily beaded neckline on some to die for Italian silk satin.  So in my little world of making it hard, I thought we would be going through all of the antique stores in Utah finding some great things.  It would take weeks, but would be worth it. 

The genius Bride, Heidi, thought of JCrew jewerly.  This is where I am hitting my head against a wall because it is such a great idea.... and perfect for the look we want.  So here are a few pictures of the necklaces I will be taking apart.  Of course we will add some other jewels besides these, but this will take up the bulk. 

A few words about this fabric.  Really good silk will almost squeak when you squeeze it on the roll like this.  I know that description sounds weird, but when you are in a quality fabric store, try it.  You will then understand.  This stuff is almost edible, it is so beautiful.  It also does a puckering of sorts.  I always think of certain paintings when I work with silk satin.  It is the real thing.  Dang, this stuff is insane.  Look at the different colors you see in just this silly snap shot.  I see lavender, cream, silk white, grey, blue, and peach.  Just try to get a poly satin to do that.  Just try. 

I need to just devote a blog to all of the virtues of silk.  Just to warn you, I could get carried away.  So when it comes up, just skip it.... unless you are a seamstress and have the same obsession. 

Here are the two necklaces.  Are they not just perfect!!  Great job Heidi.  I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. 


A said...

Love this is going to beyond awesome!! Good stuff.

Pink Peach said...

Melissa, WOW! you do beautiful work! If you ever want to collaborate on a inspiration shoot, I'm in! You know what's funny? I've sewn for years but found I was way better at executing my seamstress styles in the medium of cakes. Looks like you're doing just fine in the medium of fabric.

Amelia . Lyon said...

Ummm, Heidi's dress was AMAZING! Nice work! I just posted their photos on my blog: I also linked back to your blog! I'm telling all my girls about you!

Nicole DeAnne said...

I think I know what dress this was: and I have to say it was incredible!! You are AMAZING!!! You really are. Give yourself a pat on the back for your great talents. If I ever get married again ( In another life) I will hire you! :)

Mummys the word said...

Hello Melissa,

This may sound crazy, but do you happen to have any of the JCrew jewellery left over from the Heidi Dress (I know it was a long time ago now) I'm trying to find the chunky jewellery for my wedding next may and we do not have JCrew shops in the UK. Looking on EBay, but can't find anything similar!

Hope you can help!

Karen x