Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amanda and Paul

I get to show you all the photos of Amanda and Paul's wedding.  Last fall I worked on this dress with Amanda and Vienna, her mom.  Amanda flew to Utah from San Fransisco, Vienna flew from NYC.  Those women charmed us all... the dogs even liked them.  We enjoyed great discussions on religion, movies, culture, and metropolitan life verses our canyon life.  All the while figuring, fitting, and creating this gown.  Usually I am ultra sensitive about what people will think of the photos.  I don't care about this one.  The gown is just part of the story here.  It is a bigger thing that just the gown. 

I blogged earlier about how we got in the car and drove to their wedding.  We spent a few days in San Fransisco and afterwards attended their wedding.  It was a wonderful trip in so many ways, but culminated in a beautiful evening among the golden hills of California. 

I am a dressmaker because I get to meet, discuss, and enjoy the creative process with so many people.  I am lucky.  Sometimes I even get to make gowns like this one. 

Warning:  I just put the photos up.  I know they don't follow any order.  I just wanted to post a quick blog.  Forgive me of that.  If you would like to see them, and more, presented beautifully, check out Love Bird Photo, the wonderful photographer's site, here

THIS IS WRITTEN BY AMANDA (in an email a while after her wedding):
"I was thinking about you a few weeks ago.  I accompanied a co-worker who was trying on dresses.  My friend looked beautiful and she chose the dress, but all I kept thinking was how comparatively empty her experience was.  The dress was just an article of clothing.  It fit her well, but there was no story, no friendship, no history with it.   At that moment, I felt incredibly lucky to have had the unique and special experience of meeting you and the boys. 

This is my favorite shot.  It has such a classic feel, don't you think?

Amanda and Paul are into stories.  This image has so much contained in it.  Loving the High five while the ladies are looking at the gown.  It does sum up the female and male views of a wedding.  


Sherry said...

What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful email. When I bought my wedding dress, my mother and I ended up finding it at the first boutique we tried. The dress was fine, but it's just a dress.

Learning about fashion history, I've started to understand how a dress can be so much more. I don't regret the dress I had, but i do wish it were more than a dress.

How great that you can bring that to those brides. There dresses will be something they'll be able to cherish for so long, and rightly so.

Autumn Day said...

Love the dress, love the story, love it all! Another beautiful Melissa Blackburn:)

Unknown said...

Love this dress! I am getting married next year and saw this on Pintrest. Do you make gowns?

Unknown said...

Hi - after reading some of your blog, I realized you do make dresses. This one is stunning and I think would flatter my figure. Do you have a store? You can email me at Thank you!