Saturday, August 6, 2011

Working from Home

The kids are still sleeping, it is quiet.  I went upstairs to start working on a gown.  When I saw the track Slade had set up yesterday while I was working, it made me smile. 

I couldn't do this with any other kids.  THANKFULLY they have the temperament of their father.  It is cute how they carefully go around the mass of silk and tulle when coming through my work area.  It is also helpful that they are the type to be glued to the T.V. when it is on.  It makes fittings peaceful.... yet those same fittings are sometimes accompanied by the theme song to "Dora the Explorer". 

I also get a kick out of their interest.  They know details of gowns, they know when one of the gowns is being cantankerous.  They especially know when it is a gown pick up day.  No matter how hard I try, they are always stressful days.  The boys don't mind, because that means they will get crepes later.  That is the tradition. 

Just thought I would let you in on a quiet moment.  I know of many women that work and maintain being a mama.  I am always curious about the tricks to making it work.  I would love to know about how you do it. 


Sherry said...

I love this post. I liked seeing the flow of motherhood and your work so perfectly shown in a picture.

We're still trying to find our fit with my boys. Since I work on a laptop I have some flexibility in my location, but I find sitting on the couch so I can watch them play works best for us.

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