Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love how well this beautiful day was captured by jacque lynn.  Ginnie looks stunning, of course.  The day seems a bit magical.  Especially if you live here and have experienced our spring.  I think it must have been the one day that was not raining and overcast for that month. 

Perfectly in bloom purple blossoms.  Really?  It is almost an old Hollywood set, it is just too right. 

Of course I don't know the groom.  But this is Ginnie all the way.  So happy and in the moment.  She had that enthusiasm even at dress fittings. 

I also loved working with Ginnie's family.  They were all so cute.  Even the dad.  Can I call a dad cute?

I love this detail on the huge doors of the Temple.  I am into details.

I am posting more than my share of photos on this one.  Are these flowers just the most beautiful things you have seen?  If you want to see more check out Sarah Winward.  You need to see her blog.  I loved loved loved all of her arrangements!  So fresh and yummy. 

The venue was at the Eldredge Manor.  Sweet red brick home. 
This is my all time favorite ring shot..... ever.

Congratulations!  It seems a great start to a new life together. 


Vanessa said...

Hey Melissa! You look busy with all your bridal miracle dresses. I am in town for a week and a half, so if you could spare a square of time, I would love to see you. Give me a call if you can (509) 590-6032

Katie Cotton said...

I've been sitting here DROOLING over your dresses for an hour or so. Got to this post and realized I know this couple! Beautiful work!