Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ginnie's Gown

I made a reference about my "slight" bride a bit ago.  I think I was happy about how this dress was acting.  It seemed to be easy on me.  Thankfully. 

Well, here are a few images of Ginnie on her wedding day.  I enjoyed working on this project.  It had a lot of lace work, which always gets me in a good mood.  I love watching the lace effortlessly make the bodice structured and smooth. 

Ginnie was an absolute delight.  Talk about a happy attitude.  It seems like that describes all of my brides.  I am lucky. 

The photographer is Jacque Lynn , she also did Abi's photos.  It is great to discover new people and see their work.  I am looking forward to posting more of her beautiful images in a bit.  "In a bit" might mean after the summer season.  Once we all come up for air. 
Hope you are all in a good place.  I have had a wonderful day stitching away.  This new dress I am working on is taking me back to the simple pleasure of one fabric.  Yep, nothing fussy.  Just beautiful silk taffeta.  Working with silk is why I am involved in this pursuit.  I wouldn't be doing it if I couldn't work with these great textiles.  Have you ever listened to the sound of silk taffeta.  It is noisy.  It is noisy in a perfect way.  Listen next time.  Now I really do sound crazy. 

Wishing you well, M

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Anonymous said...

That is so elegant! Love it.