Saturday, July 9, 2011

The other Southern Utah

My first trip without parents was to the deserts of Southern Utah.  We were lucky enough and they were trusting enough to let us road trip in high school.  I would go with girl friends who were up for the adventure as much as I was.  We hiked big hikes in the morning, in the afternoon we hung out at our favorite swimming hole, and in the evening had dinner at the "Bit and Spur" where we would always have the "Stuffed Jalapenos".  The desert always represented freedom and creativity.  

There were many many trips down to Zion National Park, Moab, Lake Powell, and anywhere else with red rock.  I have done it with the kids as well, and for the most part, those trips were good.  The feeling of freedom was a bit hampered because of the young babies and toddlers they were.... until now.  It seems I have just inherited two really great travel companions.  If I play my cards right, I might even get to do long, hard hikes with these two in the next few years. 

So here are a few pictures of the trip.  I know it is boring for you all... but I do have family who check this blog, and they would like to see pictures of the growing boys. 

Can you see Hank in the distance?  We did this hike right after a thunderstorm moved through.  There is nothing like hot sandstone and fresh rain.  The smell is heavenly. 

Here is their first taste of slot canyons. 

I had to make them turn back so we wouldn't be hiking in the dark.  For you mama's out there, you know that is significant. 

Here is the last hike before we had to go home.
A plug for Capital Reef.
It is beautiful.
It is a higher elevation, so cooler than Zion or Moab during the hot summer months. 
It has great swimming holes. 
The nearby town of Torrey is quaint.  
It is about 3.5 hours from Provo area. 
It has great art and a wonderful bookstore in Torrey. 
It made me sad to leave. 


Jen said...

When Liam gets a little bigger we want to go. Kai has been begging to go to arches :). Could you handle having a little one around and go with us?! Was it a day trip or did you camp? Great pics. Glad it was so fun :)

Forevermore Events said...

So cool that you are a Southern Utah fan!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

So happy you got to take a trip to the desert!! Wish we could have joined you for some hiking!