Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Day!

We have heard about this beautiful event all day.  It is a wonderful thing to have something happy and joyful to think about compared to the normal news of the day.  So I wish the couple a wondrous and happy life. 

Now let us speak of the dress. 

If you have a design house making your dress, every detail is sweated over, talked about, discussed for hours, slept on.  They have a goal in mind, they have a concept, a feeling.  I wonder if that is what came across?  I do have a feeling that someone wanted the dress not to be over done.  Yep, they accomplished that.  I also wonder about the delicate size of the lace.  Whose decision was that?  Did they have all sorts of lace layed out and Kate said, "can we get something made like this one?"  

The best part of this dress is the bodice.  The structure is perfect.  Oh, how I wish I could spend some time in one of these design houses.  What a dream it would be to learn, learn, learn.  There are so many things I would love to know.  

I am a bit sad that she didn't go a little more crazy with the design.  Heaven knows Alexander McQueen's house is capable of going over the top.  But before I share too much of my opinion, I would love to hear your thoughts. 



Emily Heizer Photography said...

I loved her dress. It's very, very similar to what I has begun to design t myself; which was partially based on Grace Kelly's gown, the gown of all gowns. :)

What I haven't heard really commented on is the lovely fluttered loops not quite ruffles that at the back the dress about at the bustle, which I thought was a subtle, but modern touch in an otherwise very classic gown. I actually haven't heard anyone mention that little detail at all!

I was somewhat surprised by her choice because, like everyone said, her style is so sleek and modern, you would expect something more like Pippa's dress, (even though I still couldn't quite picture her being married in something so modern or plain simply because of the size of the event and the grandeur of the venue) but Kate is smarter than that. She selected and designed a gown that would be classic for the ages and referred back to for decades to come... and she knew it would be because she took her inspiration from a gown that already HAD fit those parameters and had been a royal gown.

The only thing that truly disappoints me is that the gown is so similar to my own style, I'm afraid it will become even more trendy and should I be able to recover from my heartaches someday, my dress won't be so very special or unique, and (horror of horrors) may even be available off the rack. (shudders) lol

Lovely, beautiful wedding. I was teary through the whole thing, and thought of Diana often.

Sherry said...

The drape of the back/train was fantastic. I loved watching her mother (I think that's who it was) fussing with it when she reached the alter. There was so little effort to get a sleek lay.

The bodice was perfect. My Mother, who does not sew, called me immediately to tell me how perfect the fit looked. She's not really into dresses at all, but we talked about it for nearly a half hour.

As a fashion history junky, I can't wait for a book to come out describing all the minute details that went into making the gown. I want to know how they compromised and how they had to piece everything.

Maren said...

I was super disappointed by her dress. I think the bodice is lovely (and it's cool that the lace was custom designed and hand-tatted just for her), but the gown as a whole just seemed too predictable to me. I didn't care for the waistline or the pleats in front at all. Forget Alexander McQueen - YOU should have designed her dress!! It would have been way more amazing, epic really. I heard that they spent something like 80 million pounds on the whole affair, so I expected it to be totally over the top fabulous. But I never saw that. I think she missed an opportunity to really set a trend. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I thought the dress was lovely and a little boring. I did wonder if the lace were custom made which I do think is very cool--and I do think it's pretty. And, yes, the drape of the train was perfect. But I also honest-to-goodness thought "Melissa would have made something prettier and more interesting." I guess having no limits to your budget and the whole world watching can actually make someone risk-averse.

debbie said...

When the best comment you can come up with is that it fit really well, it's probably a boring dress. The bustle was lacking in something...and the hemline was that all there is to the dress? As I kept looking at the photos, I kept looking for one killer detail other than the fit. Not that I could do better. I probably just over-expected.

Lauro said...

I thought the gown was gorgeous and just right for her. it fit who she is and who she is becoming. The lace and cut of the dress were regal and elegant but it had a beautiful simplicity that represents who she's been. Remember, she was just a commoner before their relationship began.
The only complaint I have about the gown was that we could barely see the beautiful pleats!! She needed a larger petticoat to poof them out a little bit.
It is so nice to see a beautiful public figure wearing something (at least slightly) modest. I hope the rest of the world will now see how modesty can be elegant and gorgeous and you don't have to wear something sexy to WOW people.
Nice job Kate!!