Friday, April 22, 2011

One Down

Happy Earth Day!  Photos by Jamie.

I am not doing anything special as far as being environmentally active, BUT, I did finish Ginnie's dress.  Yeah!  This dress worked well with me.  I didn't have to re-make anything.  I just got to go forward with it.  I also spent quite a few days sewing on the lace, which always gets me in a euphoric state.  Lace can be such a friend of the dress maker.  It can make a bodice look quite precise. 

Ginnie was so layed back during the process.... even though she is getting married next week! Come to think of it, when I do work with a bride with such a close deadline, they are always mellow and calm.  Does something happen to a bride so close to the date?  I am convinced that they have some chemical pumping through their veins that make them just happy and content. 

I love these theories I invent. 

I wish you all a happy Earth Day.  Our earth around us has been sprouting up springs left and right.  It is pretty amazing and powerful.  Oh, and I think the forecast calls for rain. 

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