Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rain melts snow

I couldn't post these photos until I knew it would be over.  The white winter wonderland will be followed by mud and rain and a few scattered days of warmth.  Funny how I view the latter as the better option. 

There is a good chance it will snow again, but I don't care, because today it rained. 

It rained and melted some snow.  We are still looking at feet and feet of snow, but we are on our way.  In the valley I smelled wet dirt, which is a measly 20 minutes away.  In the valley you can walk or run or ride a bike unencumbered by this....

Look, there's the husband.  I am always so happy that he deals with this aspect and I can just sit on the front porch eating bon bons.  Dang, I keep meaning to try bon bon's out.  Are they any good?  Okay, maybe I am snacking on some really beautiful dark chocolate.   

Bring on the dry heat of Utah and the long summer nights. 

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