Friday, March 18, 2011


I want to talk about inspiration while driving. 

I didn't have an appropriate photo for that subject, so I just threw up the decomposed necklaces used on Heidi's dress.  If anything, I am random.  More of her dress here

Okay, so the first ticket I received for speeding was in high school.  The officer was in plain sight.  I could have slowed down, but I was busy looking at the side slit thing found on my polo shirt hem.  Does anyone know the official name for those things?  I was on my way to school where I was going to tackle my first long sleeved polo shirt.  I am old, they were cool then.  

Well, I got the ticket, but I did figure out how to do it at that moment.  Worth it?  Probably not. 

Well, yesterday I was on my way to pick up my little guy from school.  I just finished with a fitting for a knit dress.  A completely different textile than my norm.  The bride knew that and hopefully also knew that it would take me a bit to do it correctly.  The fit was great but I didn't like where the darts were ending up.  I could have made it work because of the rushing over the darts, but I am one of those crazy people that can't sleep if certain details are not right.  So on the way down the canyon, inspiration hit.  I figured out how to re-do the pattern to eliminate those darts.  I LOVE it when that happens.  If you think about it enough, and you are lucky, inspiration will save the day.  Disclaimer, the solutions are usually so simple and beautiful, they should have been there all along.  It's just not how it works though.    

At that moment life was perfect.  I also knew I could change it completely and still have enough fabric.  Oh, and I think I was listening to a really good song on the radio.  That always helps.  

So the lesson: 

I am not afraid of changing it or starting over.  I think this happened slowly.  I know the first time I had to change something I was so frustrated.  I wanted to start on the change the next day.  I didn't, I did it right then, and I discovered it didn't take that long.  Since then I have changed, re-invented, started over, or just stewed over a detail for way to long.  I think I like it now.  It is part of the conquering of the dress.  That sounds harsh.  Okay, it is part of the evolution of the dress.  It's a process I have learned to enjoy and can't get enough of, it seems.       

This post is for Jeanette, my awesome sister that thinks I should "describe the process" more.  I am going with it, because I have no clue to what people want to see on this silly blog. 


Anonymous said...

I've always called that hem slit a side vent, but I'm not sure if that's what it's really called.

The bejeweled gown is truly Cinderella-worthy (in a good way).

Jenna said...

Your work is AMAZING. I wish, wish, wish! you had been able to do my dress 5 years ago. I would have been in heaven. I'm starting to realize I settled on my dress and didn't love it. Sad way to feel about the most important dress you'll ever wear!

Anyway, keep it up, Melissa.

Alison said...

I love hearing about your process. I wish I could do such lovely work like yours. I have many times had to stew over something I'm working on. Like you, when the idea for the soloution comes it is often very simple and I wonder why it took me so long to figure it out. I think I would be nervous working with such nice fabrics of having to re-do. I would love to try a wedding dress some day.

Jeanette said...

You are brilliant, little Sis! Blog away, because some of us without your unique talent live vicariously in yours!