Monday, July 13, 2009


Thought I would post these flowers. Ash, the bride with the silk dress that didn't harm the silk worm, used these flowers for her bouquet. They are so very cool. They are made with clay. Who would have thought? With the help of a very talented person on Etsy, Ash was able to pull off an incredible bouquet without killing the flowers. She is much better than I.

In other news, I enjoyed ripping out a bathroom in our rental home today. I was able to take out a shower layer by layer, grossing out along the way. Boy do I love a project! I will try to do some before and after shots of this house. If things go as planned, knock on wood, we will get some new windows, sealed up basement walls, big windows in the basement, new bathroom, tile in the dining room, and carpet in the rest of the house. Yes, just listing everything makes me believe I will have to forgo something. We will see.

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Broadobalds said...

Melissa! I'm so glad you're sewing up a storm again! You are so talented. And beautiful. And funny. And wonderful. I miss you.

Jenna Theobald