Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That's what I'm talking about!

So for a diversion and because the timing is right, we are making a few changes to our rental home. I say a few changes, because, in my mind, that is all it is. I realize now that others view the project as a big one. I am starting to believe it myself. Have I told you how much fun I am having? Well, this stuff is great! I have been getting sub contractors out to dig around the foundation, cut window openings through the foundation, having windows installed through out the house, and getting Questar gas to move the meter. This is just scratching the surface.

My dad has been very hard at work redoing the bathroom. He has fixed the floor by putting up sister joists next to the old ones. He is also the electrician and plumber for the site. I call him the "enabler" which is to say, he is the only reason I feel empowered enough to do any of this. Yes, I know it, I am lucky! It has been great to work with him. Anyone who knows me knows there is nothing like a good project with my dad. After he is through with the bones of the bathroom I get to learn how to tile. I know it takes him longer to get things done when I am around, because I am wanting in on it all and am using the opportunity to see how the plumbing works and such.

So I thought I would share a few photos with you before I get deep into sewing wedding dresses again. I took 1.5 week break to start on this house. After two dresses, I will get to work on it again.

By explanation, the first photo is the before shot of part of the house. The rest are various shots of the work in progress. I have no after shots, that will be about a month in coming.

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Lydia said...

cool, cant wait to see the finished product. Also can't wait to have our own house and learn to do that stuff!

I have to tell ya melissa, I had a dream with you and scott in it (probably the kids too, i cant remember). In my dream I went to whistler again but this time with friends. We were right there in the village so I naturally assumed we'd go mountain biking. Nobody wanted to go. I was so sad. They all wanted to go rafting or something. Ben wasn't there- I can't remember why (kind of weird, he's always there in dreams). So I was all upset and I kept looking at the lifts wishing I could go. Then all the sudden you and scott appeared! I asked if you guys would go mountain biking with me and you said yes!! woohoo!! The End.