Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peace and Tranquility

 This tea bag quote is the inspiration to blog this morning.  

Today is Valentines Day.  

It is probably the only holiday that I actually have a consistent tradition.  The boys and I will be "Ding Dong Ditching" heart cookies to a bunch of friends.  Most will not be expecting it.  My mom, though, has been anticipating it for a while.  She is the one that taught me how to make sugar cookies.  The trick, under cook them ever so slightly.  Oh, and a huge amount of cream cheese in the frosting.  

I have been baking for the last few days.  Very not like me.  During that time, I have been thinking of friends and family that are far away.  So to all of those people out there that won't receive cookies, know I am thinking of you and wish for you a wonderful day.  


Jen said...

How funny! That is going to become our tradition as of tonight! I just baked loaves of bread to deliver around tonight with the kids (after 3 batches of sugar cookies for kai's class I'm done with cookies!). I am LOVING today and the joy and excitement in my kids eyes. Fun to celebrate and brighten others' Valentine's Day. Love to you all!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

That sounds perfect! I'd love to do that with my children (should I ever meet Prince Charming and have any!). I love that!

And I agree with the slightly undercooking! That is the trick!!!