Friday, February 8, 2013

Utah Bride and Groom

The Utah Bride and Groom magazine just came out.  It is a beautiful magazine and this time I was able to see some of my work on the pages.  There is just something really cool to see your work in print.  

Last year, on a very hot summer day, the boys and I headed to Phelps Berry Farm in Payson, Utah.  We were joining a group of talented women to participate in a creative shoot.  Lindsey,  of Green Apple Photography spearheaded the event.  The flowers were imagined and created by Honey of a Thousand Flowers.  Stationary, detailed and made by October Ink.  The on sight makeup and hair was done by Vintage Rouge.  

It was a surreal day, because there were massive forest fires throughout our area.  We were going to change the location, but everywhere else had been smoked out as well.  In the end, we all traveled there and miraculously, there was no smoke.  It was a fun time for me.  I just had to sit back and relax.  I had already made the dress, which was my part.  I might have tweaked the dress a few times.  But otherwise, enjoyed good company and eating the pound cake after the shoot.  

Lindsey's husband made all of the pound cake and it was amazing.  Let's hear it for awesome and supportive husbands.  

Mari, the model, was so fun to work with.  She is a new mother, so during dress fittings we had a sweet little guy in a car seat sleeping or talking to us in his cute little way.  It is interesting to work on a gown that is not to be used as a wedding gown for anyone.  It was pretty care free and fast.   


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