Monday, May 16, 2011

Grateful and a bit tired

I am coming to you with two hours of sleep from last night.  

I keep trying to make sense of this blog, but have mostly been using the delete key.  A good indication that I should just quit and watch the latest Masterpiece Theater that is recorded for me and just waiting. 

I finished Sarah's dress which I now love.  More on her when I get some photos to post.  

I finished Abi's dress so she could do a video shoot.  I will be beading and tweaking it after the shoot.  I let the dress go without seeing it on.  I NEVER do that.  I need to learn how to relax and not take this all so seriously.  That will never happen, I fear. 

It has been an intense week.  When I am this busy, I appreciate my honey and two boys that much more.  I have such a supportive husband.  He has to listen to me stew about this netting or that organza.  He has to watch "The Amazing Race" while the serger is going full blast.  He takes such great care of the kids and never complains.  My little family handles fittings, fabric, and a barrage of pins on the floor without even a thought.  I am so grateful for them. 

I do love this occupation.  I will be swimming through these next few months and hopefully will come up for air in August.  Oh, but how I am enjoying the ride.  I am loving each style of dress and  I can't get over the kind and happy people I get to interact with in the creation of the dresses.  Right now I am just loving what I am doing without a thought to that something better around the corner.  I am around that corner and working on that something better. 

I better stop.  The lack of sleep is making me a bit too nostalgic.  

Good day all. 

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