Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was up late last night sewing, and inevitably that makes me dream about sewing all night.  This morning I woke excited to get to work.  I imagine it was because dreaming about sewing doesn't accomplish anything.  By waking, I knew I could actually make head way into my projects. 

Above are a few pictures of what will happen on the Abi dress.  We are mixing lace and rushing together on the bodice.  The skirt will be a textured concoction.  I can't wait to be surprised by this one, it is any ones guess to how the skirt will turn out. 

Funny thing.  Abi was here tonight.  She is on her way to Moab tomorrow and we were struggling with something about the dress.  I didn't think we would resolve it tonight but I didn't want her going off on a road trip worried about it.  Come to think about it, it would stress me out more than her, I think.  We didn't want it to be too costumy.  So you would think we would simplify it to help it look more modern and less costumy.  Crazy thing is, we Added, and that fixed the problem.  Go figure.  Just goes to show you need an open mind in this process!   

Now for the second half of this blog.  While doing a slight gather to yards and yards of fabric, I thought, I will share this trick to whoever would like.  I love my gathering foot, but it gathers quite enthusiastically.  When I want just a slight gather, I simply change my tension on my machine.  It doesn't matter which way, just put the dial to one extreme or another.  Then lengthen the stitch length and have at it.  It should gather a bit.  I might even hold the fabric behind the foot just to encourage gathering.  If it doesn't gather, it is still easier to gather after the fact.  Just grab the looser thread and pull. 

Pardon me if this doesn't make any sense at all.  It is my first try at explaining something without just showing you.  Next time I will take more photos which would equal less words, and we all know that would be better. 

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Maren said...

This dress looks like it's going to be A-MA-ZING! I can hardly wait to see it finished!!