Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random thoughts on snow and kids

Jack gives you an idea of the snow levels.  It would bury him whole, but his belly is keeping him afloat.  Jack is a good dog.  Someone dropped him off years ago at our gate.  We think the action was unthinkable, but are so grateful that he is ours. 

A beautiful and sunny day.  Isn't everything relative.  It wasn't more than 4 degrees out, but I was happy because it was at least sunny! 

This Christmas vacation was marked by 6 full days of constant down pouring rain or crazy amounts of snowfall.  Enough to drive me a bit crazy.  Oh, we even had enough snow to break a 4 by 4 in half, the board that holds the power lines apart a top of a power poll.  The break caused a bright light out our window and loud buzzing noise.  Enough to wake us in the middle of the night.  Now I know what happens at the source when the power to go off.  A bit unnerving. 

Another random note.  I noticed that the boys footprints are not that of toddlers anymore.  Their prints in the snow are not much smaller than mine.  To be fair, they did have their boots on, and I my normal shoes, but still, they keep surprising me with what they are capable of and that they are changing into big kids.  How did it happen?


Slade is eating snow.  He just plops his head in the snow and goes for it.  He can sit there for ten minutes eating snow with his head buried.  

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Emily Heizer Photography said...

Beautiful, wonderful snow! None of that here!

I found my "puppy" running in rush hour traffic down the middle of the street. No tags, no microchip, infested with fleas and so thin his ribs were showing. A 14 pound fully grown beagle is not normal.

I'm so grateful I found him. He's flea free, 18 pounds and so happy to have a home.