Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lauren and Crismon

I was so excited to see Lindsey's post at!  This dress was so much fun to work on.... and the bride and mom are just way to cool. 

Okay, here is the story.  Julie Prince did the flowers for Caitlin's wedding a year ago.  I loved what she did with her wedding, so I was excited to work on a dress for her daughter, Lauren.  They were both so creative and so very happy.  I do believe that the better the brides energy, the better the dress. 

We ended up doing an asymmetrical pleated ruffled thing around the neck.  Nice description, huh?  I do enjoy organic design, so this one made me happy.  We also put the same motif around the hem.  Dang, I always seem to do that.  I do like the heft that it gives the hem, though.  

I delivered the dress and was able to see the beautiful yard this talented mom had done.  I just love meeting great people that open my eyes to how a garden could look.... or a beautiful home, etc.  It inspires me to "think" I will do more with mine. 

I hope you enjoy these photos and encourage you to check out green apple photography where there are many more beautiful photos of the wedding.  You can see the amazing work of Julie Prince there, or check out


Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

WOW. you're AMAZING! wish i'd known about you when I got married. I'm definitely sending my sister to your site.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

SO beautiful, so darling, I love the dress, I love the work you do, I love you!

Autumn Day said...

This was featured on Style Me Pretty Ms. Melissa Blackburn! The most prominent bridal blog in the country! This is why you are my favorite!! xoxo