Monday, December 6, 2010

Christy's Photos

Okay, I really really love this dress.  Of course I do.... because it has texture, which is my current obsession.  It helps that Christy is so cool.  She is a road biker, adventurer, meaning she does some crazy races that no sane person would think about, and has such a great attitude.    

 I love these type of photos.  It is all about the walking shots.  Am I the only one who feels this way?

A few details on this one.  The flowers are made of organza and dupioni silk.  I drew up a few flowers, had them digitized, and the local embroidery place produced them.  After a lot of cutting and a fair amount of fray check, they were ready to put onto the dress.  

Gowns are a study of evolution.  In this case, after seeing the bridals, I wanted to put more flowers on the gown.  Christy was happy to oblige.  So thankfully I got a second chance to make it better.  Thanks Christy.  

I really hesitate about describing the brides.  It is hard not to talk about them.  Christy is so happy and so up beat.  She really lives life fully, as noted in this photo.  That is a characteristic I value.   

I do love a dress that makes me happy.  Nothing like a whole lot of flowers to do that. 


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JKA said...

Melissa, I know this guy! I went to highschool with him... Leblanc~! How funny, very small world. Great dress!