Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For the few who care....

This goes out to those few who like to be updated about our overwhelming house project.
I will start with a few photos showing the evolution of the kitchen area. 



Right now I am tired enough to not be overly excited about the monumental hurtle we climbed over today.   We installed the kitchen cabinets.  That, in itself, is no big deal, but the build up to that moment is pretty huge.  I really am at a loss about how to describe the last month. 

Check this out, the two by four at the bottom of this picture is the old floor level.  The piece on top says one inch and eleven sixteenths.  I was bringing the floor up that much in a three foot span!  Also to notice, dad is checking my heat duct work over there.  I used to get nervous when he would check my work.  I am callous now.  He has a harder time phasing me.  I am late thirties and finally my dad can't get to me as easily.  This house project was worth it all just for that :-)

The feeling of the house has changed.  For instance, when you walk in the kitchen/living room/dining room you are not having to go over hills and valleys.  I now know how to level a floor.  It was hard with the first method I tried, but much much much easier after I had a third of the floor level.  I had a reference point and a weeks worth of trying and learning behind me.  The next two thirds of the floor were a breeze.  Two words, Sister joists. 

Also, when you walk by the bathroom or bedroom, you don't faint from the overwhelming smell of.... sewer... or something.  Nope, the house smells like... well, almost smells like new construction!!!!  We, meaning, Scott and Dad, dug out a two foot hole in the bedroom.  Digging around two heating ducts and a good amount of plumbing.  We were disappointed because we couldn't find any cracks in the sewer pipe.  One morning we found the crack!  It was a "bugger" to cut out the cast iron on account of it's location under the cement but thankfully dad and Scott were able to get through it.  I love that I wait for Scott to be there for the really bad jobs and he is more than happy to do them.  Thanks to dad, and his overwhelming desire to fix all things old and yucky, we now have all new plumbing in that hole as well. 

The tree in the front yard was pruned severely.  There were too many branches growing horizontally.  Scott had a great time doing that.  Thankfully we rented a lift and it became a carnival ride of sorts.  I want to rent that on our next family reunion.  It was too much fun.  

I finally got a furnace guy to come check the furnace.  I guess we needed a new one.  Something about cracks in the heat exchange.  Well, Gunthers installed one today.  It has been about a week of fires in the wood burning stove.  It is quaint, but nothing beats heat distributed throughout the house by a working furnace.  We will still use the wood burning stove.  It makes for a nostalgic working environment, plus we won't need to haul off our scrap 2 by 4's. 

Wow, this will be my most boring blog to date, but it is so big to me.

P.P.S.  Just so you all know out there, I know my dad is a Super Star.  Everyone who sees the magnitude of this project can't get enough of how great my dad is.  For the record, I know how lucky I am to do this with him.  I am learning so much from him.  I do wonder if we will wrap this up or if we will continue to come up with new things to do.  I have a feeling we are done with the new stuff only because we have run out of house to fix. 


marymary said...

I know this is irrational, but your pictures make me want to leave my own life behind for awhile and come work on your house with you. Not that I'd be anything but useless with my lack of skills, but ah, to work with my hands. On something other than dishes, meals, and laundry, I mean. Plus, the level of repair required and that you're doing all of it YOURSELVES makes everything you're doing seem downright heroic.

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Ooohh How I wish I could see it all in person! I wouldn't be much help because I'm not much of a project person. I love watching Matt work!! I bet it feels great knowing all that you've accomplished! You're going to want to move into that place when you're all done! keep the pictures coming. can't wait to see the finished kitchen...I will miss the bitter apple and sour lemon cabinets though.

Jeanette said...

Way to go, Melissa! You, Dad and Scott rock the kasbah. It's neat to see the progress, and wow, what a floor! I dare a marble to even roll three inches on that floor!