Monday, October 12, 2009

Bathroom before and after!

I finally have something to show you that actually is finished!!!!  This is the bathroom we were going to do all along.  The original shower was too hard to clean.  I could never get that fresh clean comet scent after cleaning.  Oh, maybe it is because of the rotten wood located underneath the surface of the shower.  I am so sad that I don't have the real before shot.  You would see such a difference. 

Anyway, while I am busy searching for another stand up shower at Lowe's my dad had it in his head to move the toilette over and put in a tub at the back of the room.  Beautiful!  Instead of just making do with where things were located, we made it just right. 

After riping out all of the old we discovered that who ever put in the shower cut through two of the floor joists for the plumbing.  That explains the very slanted floor, compared to the house's slightly slanted floors.  So dad taught me about sister joists.  It is when you put a piece of wood next to the old wood to strengthen, stabilize, and level.  Of course dad put in all new plumbing.  I was introduced to a product called "Pex".  It is the coolest stuff that makes changing out plumbing actually pretty fun. 

KSL supplied the great marble flooring.  I got such a great deal on it, I was able to put in the pebble strip by the tub and at the threshold.  My dad was a bit indifferent about the pebble tile.... which is to be expected.  When it was all installed, though, he did make a comment like, "You need a water feature that flows along these rocks."  Yes, just the mood I was going for. 

I could go on and on and on, but I will spare you.  I do feel great every time I walk past this room.  It is the one room that feels like it belongs in a home.  Everything else, well, it's just a work site. 



the INies said...

It looks so nice! You and your dad have done a lot of hard work. You must feel good about what you have accomplished. It's all going to look fantastic!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

What a tranformation!! Good job. I love the little stones/tile. You always go above and beyond with a little extra touch!

Vanessa said...

And I will absolutely not let Corey see your blog. I am lucky if I can clean the bathroom, let alone construct one! I am again, in awe of your abilities.