Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Perfect Day

I don't know why this turned out to be such a quaint and pleasant day.  But for unknown reasons, the stars were aligned and things fell into place. 

The start.  Waking up to the sound of two cute boys playing happily together.  No, they didn't come into my room asking for breakfast, they were upstairs taking care of Curious George and Spot, their stuffed animals.  I think it was the stuffed animals nap time. 

During breakfast, the kids ate their food without being prompted.  We had some good conversation. 

I was able to sew today.  I think this is one main reason I am so euphoric.  The dress I am working on is made of my favorite silk out there.  It is a duchess satin and is almost sculptural in it's hand.  I love most all silk, but this one takes the cake.  So I am pleasantly making flowers out of the silk and some great feathers and the kids are now playing race track downstairs.  They are soo very loud.... I am happy that Scott can't hear them.  But they are happy loud, not mad loud.  Huge difference. 

We play a bit, Scott takes them to do some chores.  Cute.  When I am getting shoes on Slade, he tells me he never wants to leave me.  Cute.  They come back with cold hands and hungry.  Cute.  We have lunch and I help Slade do a puzzle. 

When it is dinner time, I go on a walk with the dogs.  They need to stretch their legs.  You ask, "Why at dinner time do you think you can go out?"  Well, we have leftovers from Thanksgiving because my mom let us cook up two of her turkeys so we could all have leftovers.  Maybe that is the real reason today was so pleasant.  I am not much for cooking dinner.  I love cooking breakfast and lunch.  By dinner time I am too....too.... unenthused to get excited about dinner. 

Of course the walk was practically balmy.  It must have been 35 degrees out there.  I think it is a warm front.  I am not being sarcastic.  35 degrees at 5:30 P.M. IS warm up here.  There was an almost full moon out there.  Beautiful. 

Hank was able to get another tooth out tonight with the help of Scott.  Go Scott! 

At the end of the night, I checked on the boys and Slade grabbed my hand.  Holding it super tight, he said, "Let me tell you some things.... Antarctica is a very cold place.  You can go sledding their and build snow men and ice men.  You can slip around their.  What else can you do their?"  He always tries to grab our hands and hold on for dear life so we can't leave after putting them to bed.  Hank does the same thing.  Cute. 

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Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Sounds like a beautiful day! I'm so sad we're missing those boys growing up. Those were amazing photos of both of them. I miss them. I miss you!!! okay, and I can't believe that 35 is warm! I can't say that I miss the cold...just you guys.