Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little Red Brick House, Red letter day #1

I don't want to put a date on it, but it has been almost two months since we closed on the house.  This depresses me a bit, but I have to take into account the few dresses I have finished, the kids we have some how gotten to and from school, and all of the various other things going on in our lives.  I haven't posted many pictures of the process because I have been stuck in the attic or crawl space that whole time.  Or at least it feels that way.  

I don't want to give the crawl space a bad wrap.  It is cozy and quite delightful because we have access to the whole house for our rewiring project.  We have pulled wire to every receptacle and light fixture in the house.  I am so excited to say that we have replaced every bit of the old wiring. 

During this process, we would finish wiring the living room and dad would proclaim, "Well, it is a red letter day".  It happened every few days when a milestone had been reached.  I started feeling like the wiring would just go on forever.  Until this week.  

You can tell by the big smile on my dad's face that we are getting closer.  Finally it was the moment we had been waiting for... the day we heated up the whole house by organizing and hooking up to the panel.  


I am going to sound a bit sentimental.... but just look at that box!  I love the feeling of tackling something so much bigger than my usual format of a gown.  Working on something the scale of a small house is so satisfying.  We will see how long this attitude lasts. 

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