Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The little Red Brick house, bathroom #1

Before Picture of Bathroom.
  In this case, wall to wall carpeting includes the bathroom.  It was a luxury touted in the seventies.  How long was that trend?  When did people come to their senses?  

We have been doing such tedious electrical work, so demolishing was quite satisfying.   In a day, we had most of the bathroom out including the crazy heavy cast iron vent and sewer pipes in the crawl space.  My dad really went to town on that cast iron.  

Looks like this much metal brings $50.00 at the recycler.  

My dad's wife, Mary, came by and commented that it would be better to take the wall down and put up new, clean drywall.  Such a perfect idea.  I would much rather tackle the drywall than the wallpaper glued on the old wall.  

 Here is the project as it stands now.  We altered the space by removing some hallway storage that was encroaching on the bathroom.  We will switch the vanity and toilette locations with each other.  Because we removed the extra storage, we can fit a vanity rather than the small sink.  

Feeling like I will go with a white tub this time around.... although the mint green tub has carried it's own for the last 60 years.  

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grammy and pa adams said...

It looks like things are progressing so nicely. The new windows look great, too. It is exciting to see all that you are doing.