Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jenna's flowers

I just sent off a dress yesterday for Jenna.  She was an out of town bride, which means she spends the week in Utah and we make a dress.  Usually I can get it done, but we ended up putting a whole lot of hand turned flowers on the skirt and shoulder.  I think the number was about 60 or so.  Because of the amount of flowers, I had to do that part after she returned home.  It is strange to not see the finished product on the bride.... 

So, did it work out Jenna? 
Dang, she doesn't have it yet.
I have to wait even longer to know.

I always have a time period when I am unsettled.  After I see the wedding picts or when I receive a call or letter about the dress, well, then I can calm down and know it was a good thing.  So to all of you who have called and thanked me, you really have no idea how happy that makes me.  Thank you. 

I now know that others feel the same way.  My sister Rhonda is an incredible painter.

(This is where I should insert a picture of a painting she has done.  Unfortunately I don't have one.  Sorry, I am a seamstress, not a blogger.)

Out of fear, she waited to ship a painting off for weeks to the person who she sold it to.  Once she sent it and didn't instantly hear back, she had all sorts of things going through her head.  I remember when the woman did call her back and was SO excited, then my sister could feel ecstatic about the situation. 

Am I weird, or do all of you other creative types out there understand this?  Do you understand that the more unrest you feel makes seeing the success even that much better?  It is about the high you get when someone loves something you have created.  It is about coming together and designing something that is beautiful and that IS the bride. 

Or, in the end, this blog entry could be all about the Fray Check I inhaled while making the flowers.
It is probably that. 

Here's to you, Jenna, hope your wedding is delightful and so much fun!   Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a flower skirt!


amy said...

Melissa- this is gorgeous. you'll have to post pictures of it on her if she sends you some. it is absolutely stunning.

Lindsey said...

Yes, I feel like that every time. I stress myself out!