Monday, July 7, 2014

The Little Brick House Euphoria

Once or twice a year I will be working on a gown and the detail I am trying to manipulate will surprise me and become extraordinary.  It is a surreal moment and I will tear up a bit.  Those moments feel like a gift.  Maybe it is the high that compels me to keep creating.  

Well, it happened with the house on the day I tiled the bathtub.  

I wasn't planning on doing the tub that day.  My plan was to finish the kitchen floor and pantry.  Those areas came together well and the saw was set up, so I moved onto the bath surround.  After walking passed that room day after day, it was such a relief to see something clean and beautiful covering the messy looking wall.  

The sun was streaming through the west facing window.  The bathroom was bright.  It was the perfect tile moment and there was euphoria in the air.  I am well aware that I sound goofy.  
Anyway, before I ramble on any longer, here are some photos of the moment.  Wish you could have been there.   


Emily Heizer Photography said...

That's a beautiful transformation!!!!!!! I can only imagine the joy but I know exactly what you mean!

grammy and pa adams said...

That looks so pretty! What a nice job you have done!!