Saturday, March 9, 2013

A visit from Sydney and Mark

Scott and I enjoyed a short, yet delightful visit from Sydney and her new husband, Mark.

It was Thursday, which means guitar and ukulele lessons for the boys.  Mark and Sydney flew into SLC for a ski weekend.  They wanted to swing by, which means an hour drive in the wrong direction to say "hi".  I didn't want them to go out of there way and thought we could meet them for dinner in Park City or something.  Because of the boys lessons, though, that couldn't happen.  So they did make the trip down to the house.  In hindsight, Sydney wanted to show Mark where the dress was created.  So it worked out in the end.

I can't say how great it was to see Sydney!  It seems like just a month or two since she and her mom came from California to have her dress made.  But it was back in June.  That gives you an idea of how time moves for me.  

The conversation couldn't have been more interesting.  They told us all about the wedding.  It sounds like quite the day including fire, heat, and a pleasant resolve.  We also touched on religion and a bit of politics.  It was a short, but meaningful visit.  Scott even wanted to continue the conversation, which, if you know him at all, is saying a lot.  

I am hoping Sydney will give us her story shortly.  I imagine then you will get to hear about closed down bridges and the lack of clergy at the start of the ceremony.  
How is that for a teaser.  

An unusual photo of the bride AND the groom in the studio.

The dressmaker and the bride.  Thanks for stopping in Sydney!

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